Submitted by: Soli fer Solardach GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energetikhaus100

Energetikhaus100 is a year-round solar house that covers 95% of its heating and hot water requirements via solar energy through the intelligent interplay of solar architecture, a thermal solar plant, long-range heat storage and ecological building materials for thermal insulation (special insulating bricks, natural insulating materials made of flax or hemp). To assure full 100% reliability, the remaining 5% is provided by a wood furnace with a heat exchanger. Due to the natural building materials, artificial ventilation is superfluous; the house breathes for natural ventilation. In the two-level house with 130 m², this enables energy savings of 3000 liters of heating oil or natural gas. CO2 emissions are impressive, as they approach zero.

Category: Earth