Submitted by: ONF Direction Territoriale Alsace - Cité Administrative
Implemented country: France
Title: Restoration and protection of forests in Alsace

This EU LIFE Environment project, launched in 2006 and coordinated by the French Office National des Forêts (ONF, national bureau of forestry), encompasses two large Alsace forest regions, the Lauter Valley and the Vosges Moyennes Mountains. Comprehensive studies have been and continue to be conducted; they serve as the basis for establishing a nature conservation management plan for this forest region. In the Lauter Valley, 30 hectares of marshland will be created and 35 hectares restored along with 5 km of river bank including forestation. In addition, numerous measures will be taken to support the water cycle and natural cycles. In the Vosges Moyennes region, in the course of the project 35 hectares of living highmoor will be restored with a focus on the protection of the forest as a natural habitat. The local population and administration is actively involved in order to change how they view these areas, which have been limited to utilization for wood production. The goal is to raise consciousness concerning the necessary conservation and the restoration of the natural biological balance in these unique areas – in the interest of the communities as well.

Category: Earth