World Energy Globe Award (Earth)
National Energy Globe Award Peru (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ciudad Saludable
Implemented country: Peru
Title: Sustainable solid waste management program in Peru

Worldwide, tens of millions of people suffer from improper disposal of solid wastes in the developing world. Albina Ruiz sees in garbage not only an intractable problem, but also an opportunity: building a community-based industry of efficient solid waste management systems that generate employment and facilitate cleaner cities. Now operating in 43 cities in Peru, and 5 countries in Latin America, the Ciudad Saludable (“Healthy City”) model is poised to spread throughout Latin America and even worldwide. Ciudad Saludable (CS) supports establishment and operation of community-organized collection, recycling and disposal enterprises; works with public agencies to ensure that trash removal services are coordinated and backed by public officials; supports initiatives to combat illegal dumping; conducts public education campaigns to change habits of individuals and large institutions, and operates organic demonstration farms to train farmers in using compost and recycled organic waste. At a national and international level, the CS team promotes policies and legislation and assists in the development of national plans to improve solid waste management and support replication of its enterprise-driven model.

Category: Earth