Submitted by: Technische Universtität Wien, Institut für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Kraftfahrzeugbau
Implemented country: Austria
Title: International university project at Technical University of Vienna is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of fuel-cell autos

The study “H2 Automotive” is committed to the application of hydrogen in transportation in a holistic, interdisciplinary approach: from the production of hydrogen, its utilization in a vehicle, the development of fuel cells, to the effects on Austria as a site for the automotive industry. Especially the areas of materials, catalytic converters and the auxiliary aggregates, some solutions to date for fuel cells are not satisfactory. The project has developed new simulation methods to predict the route-specific energy efficiency of fuel-cell vehicles in real-life situations. Together with the drive system optimization through new design approaches, a basis was established for more efficient fuel-cell vehicles. The Web platform provides information on fuel-cell developments and possibilities for automobile manufacturers and users.

Category: Air