Submitted by: Windkraft Simonsfeld GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Solar energy made popular in South America via Austrian know-how

Initiated in 2005, El Sol is a globally oriented, sustainable project with the aim of using solar energy to promote the economical production of hot water. This know-how transfer contributes to improving the standard of living of the local population in Bolivia. In the long range, this technology, which was developed in Austria, will achieve wide dissemination through its construction in Bolivia. In addition to technology transfer, other important aspects of the El Sol project include consciousness-raising regarding the utilization of renewable energy as well as consciousness raising regarding relevant health issues. Thus in the first project phase, solar collectors were built with students of the technical school Pro Niños Bolivianos. The next phase will improve the infrastructure by establishing a local solar workshop, which underscores the sustainable nature of the project.

Category: Youth