Submitted by: Solar-Partner Süd GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Solar Center Kienberg realizes effective heating with the sun

In the Bavarian village of Kienberg (Germany) an office and exhibition building was constructed that is heated 90% by solar energy. Over 100 m² of collector panels were integrated in the building’s façade and in an additional tilted façade. Located centrally in the heated zone, a 24,400-liter buffer tank stores thermal energy. The particular innovations of this installation include the solar concrete core activation and the energy-optimized charging and discharging of the buffer tank. Solar concrete core activation also serves to pre-warm intake air for the system for controlled ventilation and exhaust with heat recovery. Both the north and south roof coverings consist completely of solar photovoltaic modules. Special thin-film modules were used on the northern half of the roof. The photovoltaic plant is connected to the grid and delivers 4.5 times the power requirement.

Category: Earth