Submitted by: Mwanza Rural housing Programme (MRHP_NGO)
Implemented country: Tanzania, United Republic of
Title: Wood-free brick kilns improve the quality of life in Tanzania

Traditional homes in northern Tanzania are mud huts that are much in need of repair or need to be rebuilt after heavy rainfalls or smaller earthquakes. To improve the living conditions of the population, the Mwanza Rural Housing Programme (MRHP) developed an energy-efficient brick kiln. Due to the acute shortage of firewood, the abundant clay earth could not be used for the production of fired, stable ceramic bricks. The new kilns enable the use of agrarian waste such as rice husks and cotton wastes for producing fired masonry bricks without the need for wood fuel. Furthermore the local population is trained and especially women are motivated to launch a small business for brick production. Since project start in the 1990s, bricks produced in 50 small brick companies have supplied some 100,000 houses in 70 villages with building materials.

Category: Earth