Submitted by: Architektin Dipl.-Ing. Marina Rubin, MAS
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Single-family solar house translates architectural sophistication into sustainable passive house construction

This single-family home in Seeham (Salzburg, Austria) was built within six months with prefabricated wood elements as an energy-efficient solar house that meets the German passive house standard. The southern orientation of the building’s form was planned to effectively utilize solar energy. The home’s optimized energy concept enabled meeting the German passive house standard with relatively slim outside walls (38,4 cm). The building stands out from its surrounding structures through its distinctive architecture and its wooden construction materials. The thermal solar system, which is integrated in the building shell, delivers heat and also serves as a design element. The project implements a well-conceived HVAC concept (including rain water harvesting for WC and washing machine) that integrates renewables and an innovative combined wood/reinforced concrete structure.

Category: Earth