Submitted by: DTS OABE SL
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Biocide lacquer promotes sustainable pest control

DTS Oabe, a micro-enterprise located in the Basque country of Spain, was created under the aegis of the Sustatu program for the development of innovative enterprises that are partially state-owned. DTS Oabe has been environmentally committed since its inception. Respect for the environment abides in our day-to-day management, new products and future economic development. The company is committed to R&D in new sustainable biocides. Nupilac Hidro is one of the fruits of DTS Oabe’s policy of sustainable development. The product is an environmentally friendly insecticide lacquer for use in urban pest control; it is free of organic solvents and is safe for both users and others coming into contact with it after application. Nupilac Hidro proves both effective and economical.

Category: Earth