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Submitted by: Czech Oceanographic Society
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Floating Waste Water Treatment Plant

Not many municipalities around the Mediterranean Sea or other coastal localities are able to treat their sewage appropriately. The approach of Floating Waste Water Treatment Plants (FWWTP) offers almost immediate improvement. No building site is required; aesthetics and historical heritage aspects are respected. The unit will be manufactured in a shipyard, tugged to the final destination, and hooked up to the existing sewage pipeline. It could start work in several days. The sealed technological part isolates odorous methane gas in the submerged section and is used to generate electricity. The visible part of the FWWTP provides a base for practical uses such as a restaurant, a heliport, a base for the harbor master and customs or a coast guard office. The most attractive variation could be a port for recreational vessels combined with service and club facilities.

Category: Water