Submitted by: SERI Nachhaltigkeitsforschungs und -kommunikations GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: SERI simulation model shows options and paths to a sustainable Europe

The research project MOSUS uses a global simulation model that the project developed in order to evaluate environment and energy policy measures in the EU in terms of ecological, social and economic effects. As the first of its type, the model merges extensive bio-physical data (materials, energy, land use data, and emission of greenhouse gases) and employs them for simulations up to the year 2020. Furthermore, it puts them in relation to indicators of social and economic development. The results show that a mix of political measures that support economic development that is decoupled from energy and raw material exploitation, has benefits for both the environment and for the economy. In combination with MOSUS the first global database for material input at a national level was developed.

Category: Earth