Submitted by: Horizons Regional Council
Implemented country: New Zealand
Title: New Zealand’s Green RIG disseminates environmental education

RIG stands for Regional Information 2 Go. Launched in New Zealand in May 2007, Horizon Regional Council’s Green RIG is a clean-burning Fuso tractor unit towing a 14 m custom-built exhibition semi-trailer packed full of hands-on environmental exhibits, multimedia and two highly qualified mobile eco-teachers. The RIG travels the roads of the Horizons Region, delivering environmental education and curriculum-linked programmes free of charge to schools, community groups and rural landowners. This high-tech RIG was designed to be energy-efficient (well-insulated, uses passive cooling, low-energy LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances) and generates part of its power needs from an on-board renewable source (bank of roof-mounted solar panels).

Category: Earth