National Energy Globe Award Costa Rica (overall winner)

Submitted by: Department of Phaysics, Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica; Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez E.,
Implemented country: Costa Rica
Title: 31 years of solar energy applications in Central America

Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica, and its Department of Physics were established in 1973. Dr. Edio Ricci has been working at this department since 1976 on solar energy and applications. The following general areas bear witness to the mission, activities and accomplishments of Dr. Ricci during these 31 years at the university: • Theoretical and academic research projects (biomass drying, water heating, cooking, waste sterilization, etc.) • Practical/applicative devices for local industries, rural cooperatives and communities with certified optimal performance • Innovative applications for international organizations and local institutes • Technical education for university students in physics/engineering

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