Submitted by: Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mexico (Instituto de Ingenieria)
Implemented country: Mexico
Title: Ocean water desalination with renewable energies

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México has implemented a multi-year research program involving a solid research and technology transfer group on desalination processes capable of participating in new feasibility studies and even trouble-shooting. The program aims to explore the use of the abundant sources of renewable resources available in Mexico. To date, six research projects have been undertaken: hot water desalination, geothermal electricity from low-enthalpy reservoirs, electricity from deep hydrothermal vents, electricity from tidal storage hydro-generators, electricity from tidal-current turbines, and solar photovoltaic intermittent desalination. The preliminary steps have been taken to design a hot-water desalination plant. Additionally, a small hydro-turbine working with tidal currents and installed on the side of a moored barge has been developed.

Category: Water