National Energy Globe Award Russian Federation (overall winner)

Submitted by: Museum of A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology
Implemented country: Russian Federation
Title: Schools as islands of the future in a Russian city by the sea

Questions of effective natural resource use, climate change and sustainable development are not adequately addressed in the school education system in Vladivostok, Russia. Schools are furnished, remodeled and repaired without considering the impact on the environment. School buildings and academic settings do not promote the formation of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. This project strives to decrease the ecological footprint of Vladivostok schools by: demonstrating options available for remodeling school buildings; reducing waste generation and creating a waste sorting system; conducting energy audits and equipping buildings with energy-efficient technology; developing approaches to sustainable development education; promoting partnerships between schools, business, municipal government, NGOs and scientific institutions.

Category: Youth