Submitted by: Tobias Ilg Land.- und Energiewirt
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Dornbirn’s energy farmer as harbinger for biomass

Tobias Ilg, a farmer from Dornbirn in western Austria, is committed to the utilization of domestic energy resources. For years he has been supplying numerous residential and commercial properties with eco-power and bio-heat. In 2004 he invested in a biogas plant that currently serves 160 households with energy and provides a company and a wood chip drying plant with waste heat, which annually saves 500 tons of CO2. With a biomass production cooperation project with sales of 10,000 m³, he assures the supply of domestic wood chip and fuel supply of the Rhine River Valley. A biomass heating plant provides emission-neutral heating via the district heating network in Dornbirn to some 90 properties. Ilg implemented the first biomass contracting project in 2002 with a plant in an apartment unit with 29 apartments and so sets new benchmarks as a farmer and direct heat provider.

Category: Special