Submitted by: Wels Strom GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Hydro-electric plant upgrade

At the hydro-electric power plant on the Traun River at Wels (Austria), the implementation of the water framework guidelines of 2003 required increasing the residual water quantity as tailwater in order to improve the habitat for various animal species. With the existing power plant capacity, a large amount of water would have had to be diverted past the turbines, and increased use of fossil fuels would have been the unavoidable consequence. The engaged approach of Wels Strom (city power company), however, made it possible, with an investment of €6.75 million and in extremely short construction time, to increase the efficiency of the hydro-electric plant and to avoid reducing the capacity by increasing the residual water quantity. Electric power from renewable energy could therefore be extended by 3000 households.

Category: Water