National Energy Globe Award Luxembourg (overall winner)

Submitted by: Witry & Witry architecture urbanisme
Implemented country: Luxembourg
Title: Central School in L-Born

The Born Central School was the result of an ecological master plan established by the community of Mompach in Luxemburg, as was the wood-pellet heating system for heating all of the municipal offices.

The school building consists of three stories with eight class rooms, a recess hall, and a winter garden for heat storage. What makes this school building so special is the fact that it was built entirely from wood and according to low-energy specifications.

A solar power system for optimum use of sun energy was installed on the school’s roof. The design of the building with regard to direction allows for adjusting the solar power system to the roof or passively to the winter garden. The windows were selected and installed according to energy efficiency criteria as well. This way, a thermal energy consumption of 21 kWh per square meters and year and electric power consumption of 6 kWh per square meter and year have been achieved.

Category: Earth