National Energy Globe Award Slovenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Limons Ltd., Company for applied ecology
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Sustainable landfill management in Slovenia

Without proper management, landfill sites can pose environmental problems long after their closure. The EU waste management strategy focuses mainly on reduction, reuse and recycling of wastes before final disposal, while it lacks a strategy for achieving final stabilization of deposited waste material to reduce the aftercare period. Therefore operators are interested in sustainable and cost-effective landfill management approaches. The Life Environment project in Ormož, Slovenia, implemented innovative technology comprising closed hydraulic and pollution cycles within the landfill; constructed wetland and vegetated landfill cover serve on-site leachate treatment and further degradation of landfilled wastes for faster stabilization. The economically competitive landscape ecosystem treats leachate as a nutrient source, provides renewable energy sources, and can be replicated worldwide, including for rehabilitation of illegal dump sites.

Category: Earth