Regional Energy Globe Award Burgenland (Austria) (overall winner)
National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: Gemeinde Unterrabnitz-Schwendgraben
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Environmental protection in a small Climate Alliance municipality

In the town of Unterrabnitz-Schwendgraben (Burgenland province of Austria) has launched the following sustainable measures. All public buildings as well as 75 single-family homes are supplied with heat from Biosolar Wärmeversorgungsgenossenschaft (heat provider cooperative). Annual savings of ca. € 100,000 have been achieved. 477 m² of solar collectors along with a 58,000-liter heat storage tank assure environmentally friendly and economic operation. Furthermore, an extensive energy saving concept was implemented for heating and lighting. Street lighting was optimized by reduced brightness and better positioning. At the school, domestic water for toilets was taken from an old well, which saves enormous costs. Numerous new hedges and wetland biotopes serve domestic animal species as protection and shelter and merge harmonically into the landscape.

Category: Special