Regional Energy Globe Award Salzburg (Austria) (overall winner)
National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: Bio Energie Pongau GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Biomass regional heating project in Salzburg sets climate-friendly example for other regions

Since 2004, Bioenergie Pongau GmbH has been implementing one of the largest regional heating systems in Austria. Meanwhile three modern biomass heat plants in Bischofshofen, St. Johann and St. Veit (in the Pingau region of the province of Salzburg, Austria) and 26 kilometers of regional heating network (the longest in Austria) cover all the heating requirements of numerous private, commercial and industrial heating customers (currently 66 GWh). The required renewable resources for energy production are local to the Pongau region. The project strives to minimize emissions in the sense of the Kyoto Protocol and assures this with efficient filter technology and exhaust gas condensation or vapor discharge in each of the heating plants. In addition, the independence of the region from fossil fuels is to be promoted and high regional revenues are to be assured through wood as energy source. The ORC plant in Bischofshofen converts heat to electricity and produces 800 kW of eco-power. The extension of the project to other municipalities is in planning.

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