World Energy Globe Award (Youth)
National Energy Globe Award South Africa (overall winner)

Submitted by: The Energy and Sustainability Programme ESKOM / Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Action-based South African programme triggers lifestyle choices concerning climate change

With 11 years of education experience in South Africa, the Energy and Sustainability Programme has moved specifically towards climate change issues. Supporting over 110 action-based projects nationwide, many young South Africans involved through the Programme have integrated environmental learning with action in order to understand their role as global citizens, and have begun to make personal moves towards sustainable lifestyle choices. Young people across the nation have taken up the challenge of environmental action for a sustainable future by implementing projects in their local areas by exploring, researching, questioning, discovery, action and reflection. This submission highlights 7 of the 110 project as a demonstration of the motivation of South African youth to unite against climate change.

Category: Youth