National Energy Globe Award Malta (overall winner)

Submitted by: Gozo Enterprises Limited
Implemented country: Malta
Title: Development of a fuel-free electricity generating machine

The project involves the building of a Spiteri Water Pump (SWP) in Malta or any other country . The machine operates under a water surface, uses a method for harnessing latent energy naturally present in a body of water, and transfers this energy to produce an Artificial Waterfall then, via a hydro-electric power system. By exploiting a combination of the forces available from gravitational pull, buoyancy and the properties of flows within fluids, a tiny energy input is expended to create disequilibria, which converts a disproportionately greater energy release as natural forces restore an alternate equilibrium. The main benefits of this innovative product are that it has very low running costs and operates without the use of any consumables. Furthermore, it can be placed at any site in the world and is functional around the clock. There is a big prototype proving this invention and an WIPO patent Application.

Category: Fire