National Energy Globe Award Belgium (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Subsea Industries
Implemented country: Belgium
Title: Ecospeed coating for ship hulls

Ecospeed is an environmentally friendly, economically viable, non-toxic coating for ship hulls. Most ships in the world constantly leach poisons into the water from the paint that is applied to their hulls. This kills marine life and prevents it from attaching to the hull – so increasing the ship’s speed. However, it has untold consequences for the marine environment and as toxic paint quickly deteriorates it needs to be repainted every 2-5 years. Ecospeed is 100% environmentally friendly. The coating will last the lifetime of the vessel, around 25 years, and is guaranteed for 10. Repainting the ship’s hull every few years will be completely eliminated (and also prevent the toxic waste generated when old noxious paints are removed and new layers applied every few years). In addition, Ecospeed improves the ship’s hydrodynamic properties, which in turn cuts fuel consumption by up to 10% (and therefore also reduces CO2 and other atmospheric emissions). Furthermore, this coating provides a high level of corrosion protection and thus reduces expensive maintenance costs. Financial and ecological benefits go hand in hand making this a viable solution to a major problem in the shipping world.

Category: Water