Submitted by: PNOC-Energy Development Corporation
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Protecting reforestation and combating flooding and siltation through cogon grass matting in the Philippines

Particularly in the Mount Kanlaon Natural Park (Philippines), vast reforested areas were transformed to ashes due to forest fires caused by the burning of cogon grass. To defend against potential fire, each year PNOC Energy Development Corp. employs local people for ring weeding and for establishing a fire line to protect the reforestation. Unfortunately, the fire persisted. On adjacent areas of the park, geothermal development by PNOC EDC is being challenged by massive siltation problems caused by its earthwork operations. In response, cogon grass cleared in the reforestation areas was discovered as a potential for erosion control and a good substitute for costly coco weir to enhance the stability of the soil. This project solves two problems simultaneously as removing cogon grass from the reforestation area protects against forest fires while placing it at the erosion site reduced sedimentation by almost half. Further, the local population acquired another source of income for harvesting and weaving cogon mats.

Category: Water