National Energy Globe Award India (overall winner)

Submitted by: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (Sulabh International social service organisation)
Implemented country: India
Title: Biogas generation via Sulabh Effluent Treatment

Sulabh has developed a simple and efficient design for the generation of biogas from human waste of public toilets and from the effluent of the biogas plant, which contains a high percentage of nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and other plant nutrients. These can be used for agriculture/horticulture after being made odorless, colorless and pathogen-free with a simple technology called Sulabh Effluent Treatment (SET). This treated effluent can be safely discharged into any water body without causing environmental pollution. The whole system has helped to improve the environment, health and reduction of morbidity/mortality in the project area.

Category: Water