Submitted by: STRIMON SPA CLUB
Implemented country: Bulgaria
Title: Renovation creates sustainable hotel in Bulgaria

Strimon Spa Club, opened in June 2006, is the result of the transformation of a former worker’s rest house in Kyustendil, Southern Bulgaria, to an energy-efficient five-star spa hotel that provides quality employment to 110 local personnel. Restoration was in keeping with the neo-classical architectural style of the original building, but designed to maximize energy efficiency and at the same time provide a highly satisfactory experience for guests as well as a motivating atmosphere for the young staff. The engineering objectives included the retention and enhancement of the building shell, the design and installation of a fully controlled HVAC and lighting system, an energy-saving external lighting system, a constant circulation swimming pool, and optimal utilization of the hot mineral water on which the spa and the Roman bath are based.

Category: Fire