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Submitted by: Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Testing passive houses by living in them

At Sonnenplatz Großschönau (Lower Austria) the cooperative efforts of companies from construction and related industries established the first passive house village for trial living. This gives anyone interested in passive houses the opportunity to test them by actually living in one for several days in order to experience the benefits of the technology. A sustainable community development concept and the thoroughly designed grounds with a natural pond and a wellness facility provide the proper environment. At the heart of the village there will be a competence center for construction and energy of the future, housed in a multifunctional building complex with passive house quality. When it is finished, the building will house the administration and management, the training center, laboratories for research and development, exposition rooms, offices for external services, and numerous informative options for test persons, such as in the areas of living, health, construction and energy consulting.

Category: Earth