Submitted by: Municipality of Kristianstad
Implemented country: Sweden
Title: Kristianstad commits to biogas

In 1997 the local waste management company of the Swedish city of Kristianstad constructed a biogas plant to improve the supply of sustainable energy. This was the first Swedish plant to employ both dung and other organic wastes from households and the food industry for producing electricity and fertilizer. Since 1995 the 100,000 residents separate their organic waste in a special recycling system with paper sacks; this eliminates pretreatment to remove plastics. In addition, the local waste water treatment plant generates biogas, so that in 2006 a total of 60,000 MWh of eco-power was generated. Furthermore, the since 1999 the biogas has been purified; today all city buses are operated with biogas and two public gas fueling station were established. When a private person purchases a gas-operated vehicle, the city assumes 30-50% of the increased purchase price, which has created a significant rise in the number of such autos.

Category: Fire