Submitted by: SCHOTT-Rohglas GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Receivers for parabolic trough power plants by Schott

In a parabolic trough power plant, long rows of parabolic-shaped mirrors concentrate solar irradiation upon a vacuum receiver tube, generating solar heat to be used for large-scale power generation. The Schott PTR 70 receiver features: • a specially coated absorber tube • a glass envelope with highly resistant anti-reflective coating • a long-lasting vacuum ensured by a sophisticated glass-to-metal seal Parabolic trough power plants are the most economical way of using the sun’s irradiation for power generation. Located in the earth’s Sun Belt, one 50 MW installation can prevent emissions of 90,000 tons of CO2. The energy amortization time is only five months. Schott receivers were installed in a 64 MW parabolic trough power plant near Las Vegas (USA), which went online in June 2007.

Category: Earth