National Energy Globe Award Bangladesh (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Grameen Shakti
Implemented country: Bangladesh
Title: Green power brings light, energy and income to rural Bangladesh

Grameen Shakti, a worldwide leading rural-based renewable energy provider, has installed 145,000 solar home systems, Over 3000 biogas plants and 12000 improved cooking stoves. The key to the company’s success is an integrated model that blends soft credit with effective after-sales service and aggressive grassroots promotion that ties the technology with income generation. Through rural entrepreneurs, Grameen Shakti plans to install one million solar home systems and 5 hundred thousand biogas plants and 10 million improved cooking stoves by 2015. The company has opened 25 Grameen Technology Centers to train local women technicians and plans to open 300 by 2015. Grameen Shakti has also initiated Tree Plantation & Organizing Fertilizer Program to meet the climate changes goals and reduce carbon emissions.

Category: Air