Submitted by: Biogas Technology Ltd.
Implemented country: Mexico
Title: Clean landfill gas project in Mexico

Aguascalientes Landfill Gas is the first registered clean development mechanism (CDM) landfill gas project in Mexico. The first phase of the project, the collection and combustion of the landfill gas, has been implemented, while the second phase, the utilization of the landfill gas for power generation, is still in the planning stage. Landfill gas contains a high proportion of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful than CO2. In the developing countries methane gas is escaping freely into the atmosphere. Due to combustion the total emission reduction is expected to be equivalent to 1,625,926 tons of CO2 over a period of ten years. The project promotes sustainability by using clean and efficient technology and renewable energy sources, by improving landfill management practices and by increasing the employment in the area.

Category: Fire