Submitted by: KE Kelit- Kunststoffwerk
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Thermosand

Thermosand, a novel bedding material by KE KELIT Kunststoffwerk Linz (plastics manufacturer in Austria), has significantly lower heat conductivity than conventional quartz sand while retaining the same mechanical properties. Thermosand is a ground excavation material from former coal producing areas of Styria (Austria). Applied instead of conventional fine sand in the bedding zone of a pipe trench, Thermosand provides an additional heat insulation effect of 8 to 12% and thus decisively improves the sustainability of a heat distribution network. This material attribute is achieved through a natural process. Projected onto the amount of regional heating pipeline produced annually by KE KELIT (200,000 meters), the potential savings through Thermosand amount to 15,000 tons of oil annually. Year by year, thousands of tons of oil can be saved and CO2 emissions reduced.

Category: Earth