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National Energy Globe Award Slovakia (overall winner)

Submitted by: People and Water
Implemented country: Slovakia
Title: WATER FOREST of Slovenska sporitelna

On November 19, 2004, the High Tatras National Park was hit by a wind gale that caused destruction of forest ecosystems at the 12.600 hectares area. The November calamity increased both the risks of drying out of ecosystems and risks of fires, thus threatening the biodiversity. Therefore People and Water, in cooperation with partners, have built small technological earthworks/weirs, tiny dams of various types called Waterholdings that accumulate rainwater directly at the sites and therefore create good conditions for new forests. Over 5000 Waterholdings had been built during 2005/2006 that can one-shot hold over 20.000 m3 rainwater. Volunteers from 26 countries of the world worked off over 30.000 hours. The project objective was to restore water by using an ecosystemic way in the calamity ravaged Tatra nature so that the drying out of ecosystems could be stopped and the area protected and paralelly, to educate people how to face the risks of climatic shifts and become a pilot region in Europe to show how to restore the damaged ecosystems.

Category: Earth