Submitted by: Institut für Abfallwirtschaft Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Waste incineration ash for harvesting methane from biogas or landfill gas

BABIU (bottom ash for biogas upgrading) is a process for upgrading or harvesting methane from biogas or landfill gas. With the help of screened, stored incinerator ash (strained ash from waste incineration plants), CO2 and H2S are separated. Upgrading of methane (CH4) and the subsequent utilization of this energy-rich gas (e.g., feeding into natural gas network) achieves a significant reduction in climate-relevant emissions greenhouse gases from the landfill would otherwise be flared or escape. In addition, the leaching of aluminum and lead in incinerator ash is reduced and a carbonate buffer is established that counters the release of heavy metals in the long run. Thus a single feasible process provides solutions for multiple waste management problems. Due to its efficiency, low resource requirements and easy applicability of the process, BABIU also affords low investment and operating expenses.

Category: Earth