National Energy Globe Award Denmark (overall winner)

Submitted by: Samso Energy and Environment Office
Implemented country: Denmark
Title: Danish island covers 100% of energy demand with renewables

In 1998 the 4500 inhabitants of the island decided to make their home a 100% renewable energy island. Within a period of 10 years the complete energy requirement of the island would switch to renewables. The project is based on tested technology and broad public participation. Today 100% of the electric power demand of the island is covered by 11 wind generators with 1 MW each. Four district heating plants now supply 70% of households with heating. With the help of biomass plants, heat pumps and solar energy, hundreds of small household installations cover heating demands in remote regions. CO2 emissions were reduced by 140% due to the energy export from wind energy. In 2006 the Energy Academy was established to serve as a know-how interface for the energy projects and to offer a teaching program for schools.

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