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National Energy Globe Award Singapore (overall winner)

Submitted by: Innovation und Technik AG
Implemented country: Singapore
Title: Anaerobic fermentation plant in Singapore

Innovation and Technik AG of Austria has designed and built an anaerobic digestion / fermentation plant in Singapore which is operated by its Asian partners – IUT Global Pte Ltd. The concept, which is based on proven technologies and was further developed in-house and patented will treat up to 300 tons of organic waste (such as food and green waste) daily. In the plant, the separately collected organic waste are treated, fermented and composted. Due to the special waste management situation in Singapore (to date only waste incineration, limited space reserves at landfills, high environmental standards), a win/win/win situation results for the operators (sale of renewable energy to the grid), the city (more efficient incineration of the higher calorific value separated non-organic waste, reduced landfill volume, utilization of bio-compost for city parks) and for the waste producers (lower disposal costs, contribution to the common goals of waste minimisation and climate change mitigation).

Category: Earth