Submitted by: Gemeinde Königsdorf
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy saving concept

From 2000 to 2006 in the village of Königsdorf (Burgenland province of Austria) initiated various energy-saving measures. A biomass district heating plant was constructed that currently serves 50 properties (elementary school, municipal building, etc.). The municipal building was retrofitted with heavy-duty thermal insulation. The elementary school was equipped with energy-saving windows. In complete settlement contractually assured that all new construction must connect to the biomass district heating plant; the main supply lines were already installed by the municipality. As the only municipality in its county, Königsdorf introduced a subsidy for the installation of solar systems for hot water (€ 35 per m² of collector surface paid in addition to provincial subsidies). In addition, antiquated street lighting was replaced with efficient, energy-saving lighting. Municipal newsletters regularly offer consultation and assistance regarding energy saving and utilization of domestic resources. Further sustainable and environmentally friendly measures are in planning.

Category: Fire