Submitted by: Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights (F
Implemented country: Cameroon
Title: Cocoa forestry to combat poverty, hunger and climate change in Cameroon

In the early 1980s Cameroon experienced a serious economic crisis that led to the collapse of public and private institutions. This profoundly impacted on peasant farmers, who comprise 80% of the population, through the collapse of cocoa marketing board, the neglect of this sector by the government, and privatization of their farms through mortgages. This project will plant 270,000 cocoa tree nurseries on over 1000 cocoa farms in the southwest of Cameroon, where over 5 million people depend entirely on cocoa for their subsistence. Cocoa plantations favor forest growth and the growth of other subsistence crops; cocoa pods enrich the soil; and foliage reduces CO2 emissions and provides a canopy that promotes the survival of other organisms.

Category: Earth