Submitted by: Reinhaltungsverband Region Neusiedler See - Westufer
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Corrosion and odor problems in pressurized sewage lines

Currently ever more sewer systems are being built with a large service area and a long flow course. The long flow course, low flow speed and overdimensioning of sewer systems increase the duration of waste water in the sewer pipes, which leads to deposition, and the waste water in the sewer begins to putrefy. This can cause various problems; e.g., on loss of pressure hydrogen sulfide can escape from the system. Due to this problem and inadequate scientific studies and experience in Austria, the project KUGPIA was launched. Its goal is the development of scientific strategies for sustainable avoidance of odor emissions and biogenic concrete corrosion, the reduction of H2S emissions that endanger the health of water treatment plant personnel, and numerous studies to improve environmental friendliness.

Category: Water