National Energy Globe Award Romania (overall winner)

Submitted by: Women in Europe for a Common Future, WECF
Implemented country: Romania
Title: Pilot village for improved water supply in rural Romania

In Romania 66% of the rural population is not connected to a water supply system and only 10% of rural households are connected to a sewage system. For this reason the international women organization WECF initiated the project Safe Drinking Water to create a flagship model for clean drinking water supply, safe sanitation and water protection even in remote regions. The MATRA project, completed in 2004, in the Romanian village Garla Mare is striving to strengthen consciousness concerning the interconnectedness of water quality, environment and health through democratic participation of the community. After initial water tests, which revealed high pollution of well water with fecal bacteria, nitrate and pesticides, solutions were developed in a second phase. In the third phase numerous activities based on these results such as water filters in schools and dry urine diverting toilets were implemented and so the sanitary situation of several households and public buildings was improved. The founding of two NGOs was supported; in the course of a sustainable project development process, these NGOs are active in other areas such as waste management and environmental education.

Category: Water