Submitted by: Limons Ltd., Company for applied ecology
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Water and climate protection via landfill redesign

This EU Life Environment project, started in 2003, strives to provide a demonstration model of an innovative and sustainable landfill design system for the protection of ground and surface water. At the 14,000 m² landfill in Dobrava (Slovenia), this system was introduced, based on the creation of a dense tree canopy as a water barrier and an artificial wetland for on-site safe water treatment. This provides effective water protection against nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, poisons and bacteria. This principle offers the possibility to treat leachate as a nutrient source instead of waste which opens a new aspect of leachate treatment. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and 25% of operation costs of the landfill are saved through the utilization of wood as biomass. Another advantage is increased protection against wind, erosion and odor.

Category: Water