Submitted by: Handelshaus Runkel
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Direct utilization of vegetable oil for fuel and food

The new plant was developed by the fuel Plantanol Weiterstadt company Runkel. Unlike biodiesel, which is produced from rapeseed oil and diluted with methyl esters, it can fuel based on vegetable oils are supposedly running smoothly at any diesel vehicle. In addition he has several cents per liter cheaper than regular diesel fuel. The experience of the EAD, the Plantanol for four months in a pilot project Rahme tests are positive in any case. Depending on engine speed tested met the EAD Plantanol vehicles with about 20-60 percent less particulate matter than conventional diesel fuel. Plantanol based on renewable, renewable resource base and there is less strain on the natural environment. The fuel consumption is reduced and the costs can be saved.

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