Submitted by: Haim Biomassetechnik
Implemented country: Austria
Title: E.L.T.O.

The development of the low temperature ORC plant shortly E.LT.O ® was made by Haim
Biomass technology (short Haitech) performed. The task of E.LT.O ® system is to extract energy from low-temperature media, which mostly underused, if at all. As described below, here is the white part of the unused gas CHP Hall in Tyrol, electricity and thermal energy (hot water ) converted. The removed from the flue gas mass flow energy is a direct evaporator located in the exhaust stream through one or more, E.LT.O ® turbine / n in Electrical, and via the capacitor is converted into thermal energy. There is therefore no intermediate circuit with a carrier liquid such as thermal oil needed.

Category: Fire