National Energy Globe Award Taiwan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Epoch Energy Technology Corp
Implemented country: Taiwan
Title: Miracle Mixture Makes Engines Cleaner and More Efficient

Jacky Lin lives in Taiwan. He holds a doctoral degree in Applied Sciences from the Institute of Mechanical and Precision Engineering and has spent time studying in Australia and the U.S.A. His professional life has many exciting stopovers that have taken him from the Ministry of Economics to the University of Southern Australia, to the Japanese Kanazawa University and the Kaohsiung Electronic Commerce Association. Today, he is the President and CEO of Epoch Energy where he devotes his efforts to the development of oxygen and nitrogen applications. In the future he would also like to include solar and wind technology in his scope of inventions. Jacky Lin can look back on 23 years of a happy marriage and three children to whom he would like to leave a world worth living in with the help of new technologies. His passion for precision and dynamics also comes through for him when he enjoys a good game of golf.
Jacky Lin used to dream about a system that would make cars more efficient by using less fuel and working with cleaner combustion. It ought to be possible to catch a breath of clean air in any city in the world. This dream became reality by means of a method where fuel is enriched with an oxygen-nitrogen mixture that Jacky Lin calls Carbon Cleaning for Combustion Engines. Cars can be retrofitted with this system. Tests in Taiwan and China were successful. The method works for gasoline and diesel engines alike and at temperatures ranging from zero to above 50° Celsius and in dry or tropical climates. Now Jacky is working on expanding this idea by making it even more user-friendly and adaptable to any engine size from scooters to diesel locomotives and large ship engines.
With the Carbon Cleaning Combustion Engine method, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by 15 percent! On a global scale this would save 667 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.  Engines run more smoothly and have a longer life cycle. Cleaner engines improve the quality of living and the health of urban dwellers. An entirely new business sector would offer more jobs for engineers and sales people. Epoch Energy is working on making this miracle mixture available to the general public, which is the next challenge. In addition, nitrogen needs more street cred – many people still view it as a dangerous element, maybe because of the nitrogen bomb. The mixture is now being globally marketed. Maybe in the near future we won’t be worrying about high gasoline prices anymore …

“We strive to find and create ways to lower emissions without having to reinvent the wheel.”

Jacky Lin

Category: Fire