National Energy Globe Award Cameroon (overall winner)

Submitted by: Philanthropic Organisation for Development Cooperation (PHODEC)
Implemented country: Cameroon
Title: Greenhouse gas reduction in southwest Cameroon

A lack of access to electric power along with health risks and environmental pollution accompany the use of kerosene lamps. The Philanthropic Organization for Development and the people of Cameroon have launched a project, set for implementation by 2012, to counter these problems. Through workshops, training and experiments with demonstration solar panels, the organization seeks to draw attention to the importance of solar energy in the south of Cameroon and to offer alternatives to kerosene lamps. The goal of the project is to illuminate households and to improve health conditions of the population and thereby also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, solar energy communities are to be formed in schools and media talks are planned to sustainably raise consciousness. The project will last 12 months and be implemented in five municipalities that will be equipped with solar systems by the end of the project.

Category: Fire