National Energy Globe Award Sweden (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Malmö Environment Department (Sweden)
Implemented country: Sweden
Title: Solar City Malmö

The Swedish city of Malmö places high priority on the use of renewable and seeks to make itself the leading solar energy city of Sweden. In 2007 the organization Solar City Malmö was founded with the goals of disseminating knowledge about solar technologies, raising consciousness and stimulating interest, and thus increasing the utilization of solar energy and supporting the growth of the branch in Malmö. The city pursues these goals by means of training, workshops, seminars and exhibits that target architects, electricians and HVAC specialists, home owners and housing associations. To serve as an example of energy efficiency, Malmö installed the largest and most spectacular photovoltaic system in all of Scandinavia; with a surface of 1250 m², it produces 166 kW. In 2009 the first Stirling demonstration system is to be installed.

Category: Air