Submitted by: Umwelt-Bildungs-Zentrum Steiermark
Implemented country: Austria
Title: KlimaFit

The theme of "Climate Change and Climate Change" was developed by the Environmental Training Center Styria drawn closer and prepared. The project's focus was on regional to local level. In addition to teaching materials and school experience days and activity-oriented project days in schools and teacher-training seminars were organized in the framework. The core work in the schools, the youth magazine "KlimaFit" which dealt with three issues in each 40 pages of large areas of the climate issue. The Issues 1 and 2 were already distributed the magazine (circulation per 32,000), Issue 3 in finishing. The magazine is edited and youth justice they exist for all Styrian elementary schools, secondary schools and school AHS adapted adequately. To deepen the issues raised in the issue, additional teaching materials and booklets are provided.

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