National Energy Globe Award Netherlands (overall winner)

Submitted by: DHV
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Nereda

Nereda® is an innovative biological treatment technology for municipal and industrial waste water treatment that results in lower investment and operational costs, energy reductions, scores significantly higher in sustainability and reduces the plant footprint when compared with conventional aerobic biological purifications technologies. In 2003, the possibilities and sustainable features of the Nereda® technology were recognized by STOWA, the Dutch research foundation representing all waste water treatment authorities in The Netherlands. Since then, several pilot studies on waste water treatment plants in the Netherlands are demonstrating stable operation with excellent effluent quality and advanced nutrient removal efficiencies. Nereda® has also been introduced at two wastewater treatment plants in South Africa and Portugal. These plants are realized to focus on up-scaling the pilot plants into full-scale Nereda® plants. Recent results at the Gansbaai demonstration plant in South Africa, show remarkable settling times and has proved that the transition to market is now ready. Nereda®s features allow it to make an important contribution to improving water quality of aquatic ecosystems, drinking water resources and water used for recreation. The issue of surface water pollution is currently high on the European political agenda and a major item in action plans. Indeed, new discharge limits will be set soon throughout Europe to improve the quality of surface water as part of the Water Framework Directive. The beauty of Nereda® is that it fully complies with the important basic parameters of these new discharge limits at no additional cost. Savings for the community would amount to billions of euros. Moreover, for less developed countries, Nereda® makes wastewater treatment more affordable.

Category: Water