Submitted by: Gussmagg GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Clean car / clean environment: car washing with a clear conscience

Conventional car washes are operated with heating oil or natural gas, utilize 100% drinking water, and so consume natural resources and pollute the environment. This is not the case with the eco-car wash in Pichelsdorf, Austria. A combined thermo-solar and pellets system with a 4500-liter storage tank, organic water treatment with a 90 m³ rain water cistern, and the most modern of nano-based washing chemicals ensure the best results while maximizing protection of resources and environment. Solar energy and a pellets furnace provide heat; recycling and rain water save 90% of the usual drinking water. To raise the consciousness of customers, the company installed a pellets furnace with a thermo-solar storage tank in a showroom. Annual savings of 76% of drinking water and 256 tons of CO2 have been achieved. For 2009, heat recovery is planned for the waste water to further increase the savings.

Category: Water